Step By Step requires a non-refundable annual Registration Fee of $75.00 per child

Summer Camp (completed K – 6th grade): $85.00 registration Fee
Aftercare: $35.00 Registration Fee
K4/TK Summer Activity Fee: $60.00

This registration fee will hold your child’s spot. Enrollment papers must be renewed and updated yearly. The registration fee and the first month fees are due in advance. Fees are based on annual enrollment.

K4 Year Old Program – $5,400.00
K3 Year Old Program – $6,480.00
K2 Year Old Program – $6,960.00
1 Year Old Program – $7,200.00
Infant Program – $8,280.00

These fees are based on 50 weeks of full-time care

Aftercare Program – $71.00 per week
Summer camp – $125.00 weekly
The following is a schedule of fees for Full Time and Part Time.


Child’s Age Full Time      
  Monday to Friday 6:30 to 6:00      
Infants $690.00/ Month      
One Year Olds $600.00/ Month      
Two Year Olds $580.00/ Month      
Three Year Olds $540.00/ Month      
Pre K/Fours & TK $450.00/ Month      
Summer Camp/
Spring Break
     Full Week

$125 per week



School Age School Week $71.00 Weekly   School Closings

$20.00 extra per holiday when SBS is open & offering full care


Registration fees are required for all children.

Late Fee: $10.00 is added when payment is not received by due date. This will be a $10 fee PER WEEK that payment is late.

Late Pick-Up Fee: $2.00 per minute after scheduled pick-up time.

Returned Checks: Any returned checks will incur an additional $30.00 fee

These fees are based on 50 weeks of full time care. The same amount is due each month regardless of the number of weeks (some months have 4 weeks, some have 5 weeks) or the number of closings at Step by Step…this includes the 2 weeks at Christmas that Step by Step is closed (the same payment is due in December as every other month.)